Basic Life Support

Our Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are staffed with two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), each of whom have the Los Angeles County Expanded Scope of Practice. All our EMTs also have completed their National Incident Management System certifications in IS 100b and IS 200b.   Los Angeles County EMT training includes patient assessments, airway management, oxygen administration, suctioning, the monitoring of non-medicated IV infusions, and the application and maintaining of immobilization devices.

Advanced Life Support

Our Our Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances are staffed with paramedics that are California State licensed and are accredited by the County of Los Angeles.   Paramedics care for critically ill or injured patients that require advanced cardiac and respiratory monitoring. They are trained to perform placement of advanced airway adjuncts, cardiac monitoring, defibrillation, and the administration and monitoring of life saving medications.

Critical Care Transport (Registered Nurse / Respiratory Care Practitioner)

Our  Critical Care Transport (CCT) ambulances are staffed with a Registered Nurse (RN) and/or Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) who has had at least two years experience working in an Emergency Department or an Intensive Care Unit at an acute care hospital.   Our Critical Care Transport team transports the most critically ill or injured adults and pediatric patients requiring intensive monitoring during transport. This includes cardiac monitors, infusion pumps, medication administration, pulse oximeter, end-title CO2 monitoring and ventilators.  Assisting the RN are two Emergency Medical Technicians who have had additional medical training relative to nurse-level critical care transports.


Our ambulance crew teams up with Physicians, Nurses, and/or Respiratory Care Practitioner from some of our large hospitals with NICUs or PICUs to transport some of our most vulnerable patients for treatment not otherwise available to them. We have specially equipped ambulances with additional equipment and supplies to provide a safe and caring transport


We have the stretcher and ambulance equipment necessary to safely transport patients up to 1600 pounds, with the upmost safety and comfort for the patient.  Our bariatric service is regionally known and is requested by private and public agencies.

Event Standby

We can provide community and special events with the necessary medical personnel and equipment to make sure your event is a success. We have EMTs and Paramedics available on bicycle, in motorized cart, and ambulance teams for sporting events, concerts, parades, and ceremonies.  Call for a quote.