Mission Statement

RSI/Medic-1 is committed to being an industry leader by demonstrating the Core Value of Service, Reliability and Integrity, thus positively impacting the lives of the people we serve.  We will provide safe, quality patient care to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction.


Providing unmatched quality and professionalism by demonstrating compassion, empathy, respect and dignity towards others.


We are dedicated to the delivery of service in a prompt, courteous, manner.


We strive to adhere to a code of inspired moral and ethical values by fostering honesty, trustworthiness, equality and fairness in our pursuit of excellence.

Our core values remain steadfast in the hearts of our leaders and are passed down to each new employee that joins our team.  By developing a team of passionate and professional individuals, RSI/Medic-1 has grown into a company that is respected, distinguished, and dependable.

Our History

Founded in 2001, RSI/Medic-1 remains a local, family owned and operated company, which has become a trusted service provider for our community.   We understand that ambulance service is not simply providing transportation from Point A to Point B, but rather it is a service to be provided by people who practice the utmost care and compassion for our patients.

In January 2012, Medic-1 merged with RSI Ambulance, and as a result, RSI/Medic-1 is licensed by the Los Angeles County EMS Agency as a full service provider.  Services include Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support (Paramedic), Critical Care Transport (RN/RCP), Bariatric, Neonatal and Pediatric team transports.  Our primary service area encompasses east Los Angeles County, and includes the City of Los Angeles.

RSI/Medic-1 is an official Training Site for the American Heart Association, providing CPR, AED, and First Aid training to healthcare professionals throughout the San Gabriel Valley.   We have partnered with the EMT programs of Citrus College, UCLA and the East San Gabriel Valley ROP.  We are contracted as First Responders for Cal Poly Pomona, and have provided back-up paramedic and bariatric 911 services for local fire agencies.

In addition to having their EMT certifications, Paramedic or RN licenses, all of our field employees have certifications in the National Incident Management System IS100-B and IS 200-B.

The management team has had training in the First Responder Awareness for Hazardous Materials, the First Responder Operations for Hazardous Materials, and the California Emergency Medical Services Agnecy’s Ambulance Strike Team / Medcal Task Force Leadership.